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    Hoe street is the life blood of Walthamstow central carrying a diverse community of commuters, parents, students and professionals into and from the station. Our 46 inch digital screen is located in a shop on Hoe street that is a few minutes walk from the busy Walthamstow central station.


    Being in the town center and surrounded by a multitude of businesses; of a bank, bars, restaurants and a college that's just 10 minute's away. The location of our digital screen is constantly busy, though the peak times of early morning, mid afternoon and evening is when the traffic becomes extremely heavy.Without a doubt the right person will pay attention to the right message.


Tell your story through our high impact digital display. Our vigorously tested display allows for your message to be shown in vibrant true view colours. Due to a superior contrast ratio and best-in-industry brightness and color uniformity. Our robust display is built to work around the clock so you can rest assured that any advert placed with us will always reach your audience.



To truly capture the imagination of your audience we recommend that any still images or videos placed on our display should be colourful, engaging and straight to the point.



Our display times run from 6am TO 11pm DAILY. To have your advert running simply give us a start date and time you'd like your advert to run from. Example, Monday at 9:30 am, upon receiving payment and your content, your advert will than be shown for the next 7 days each time at 9:30 am. As its a peak hour slot this will cost just £30 to run for the whole 7 days. You won't find a better price anywhere.

  • Month Deal - 2 hours Per Day

    was £800 £ 100

    We're running a very special offer, where you can advertise on our 46 inch digital billboard, during peak hours for 2 hours each day for the whole month.
    Our billboard takes both video and image formats while the actual display is over 1000 nits. This means you can rest assure that with high quality content we'll be able to vibrantly showcase your brand to the thousands who walk and drive past our location each day. To view the footfall of one of our locations please click here



  • Month Deal - 3 hours Per Day

    was £0 £ 150
    •  Advert showcased every day of the month for 3 hours   

  • Month Deal - 4 hours Per Day

    was £200 £ 190
    • Advert showcased every day of the month for 4 hours

  • Month Deal - 5 hours Per Day

    was £300 £ 235
    • Advert showcased every day of the month for 5 hours

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