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Its easy to be forgotten - Digital Display Advertising Walthamstow

Its easy to be forgotten - Digital Display Advertising Walthamstow

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | David Anglin

Picture by Austin Chan

One of the greatest accomplishments of our modern era is how easy it is to communicate. How we can so easily connect with global audiences at the touch of a few buttons, and how added extras of gif’s, smiley faces or aubergines... (for the more adventurous of us :D) make it even more easy for us to remain in touch.

But like a double edged sword, the best thing about our modern age is also the worse thing about it. As at a touch of a few buttons we can receive vast amounts of calls, texts, Whatsapps, emails, Skypes, Snaps. The full shebang! Overloading our senses, making it harder to work out what’s important from unimportant and at times making it much harder to stay in contact with those that mean more to us.

As businesses it’s very easy to become the forgotten child. The brand that use to be surrounded by hype and excitement, but now lay still. Forgotten and dormant.
Consistently advertising your business is more important than ever before. Information overload makes it easy to become forgotten. The human psyche just doesn’t have the capacity to remember all that’s going on. How many times have you promised to phone someone but due to being over run with things happening and things to do, the call you promised never happens, until you just forget about calling all together.

I’ll say it again as businesses right now, its very easy to be forgotten!

Now for those who are hustling and bustling this part is for you. Simply relying on social media and pay per click advertising will leave you struggling in a battle against not only a constant influx of new advertisers but the ticking time bomb of ad block. People who no longer want to see constant ads as they browse the web and believe me when I tell you, the up take in ad block use increases every year.

How will you get your business in front of an audience that uses ad block? What will you do as the amount of people who liked your Facebook page barely see your new posts due to changes in Facebook's Algorithms? How will you compete in the ever rising costs of pay per click? Imagine Google Adword clicks have gone from costing a few pence to now costing a few pounds... all within the space of 5 years or so.
So what will the next 5 years bring... £20 pound per click a £100 per click? And more importantly could you even afford those prices?
The route to being seen and heard is ever increasing in difficulty and as time increases this difficulty will only increase.

That’s why for us at Adtread we’re focusing on the more traditional advertising route of outdoor and indoor advertising, using digital display's to bring affordability for all and modernise a tried and tested route. As we know that placed in the right location a display will see a steady influx of people. People who go about there day to day lives of commuting to work, rushing around on the school run or just rushing around in general. And all it takes is a glimpse. A glimpse from these numerous souls rushing around but taking a mental note of your advert.

In London many councils as a way of getting people to the high streets and rebuilding community relations will now often put on big events. Like in Walthamstow there are many major events through out the year such as the Walthamstow Garden Party which attracts 35,000+ visitors across the two day event or the fireworks display by the town hall which again attracts visitors from all over London. Would your business not benefit from being seen by these vast amounts of eyes, if even for just brand awareness? As like I mentioned before, in this modern world it's very easy to become forgotten.

If you have any questions or have some ideas for creative digital campaigns than please feel free to get in touch as I'm always offering great bespoke deals!

Warm Regards


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