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Outdoor Advertising - Waltham Forest London's Borough Of Culture 2019

Outdoor Advertising - Waltham Forest London's Borough Of Culture 2019

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 | David Anglin

Art is one of the few things in life that is universally accepted, traveling the boarders of countries to reach people in parts of the world that we'd never imagine, all because of our innate appreciation for art. Maybe its due to our ancestors drawing pictures on stone caves to depict there adventurers, their warriors of the time. But as time has passed all that has happened is that the appreciation for art has grown, as art does something special as its able to stop the hands of time. When a person views a piece of art they are viewing the customs of that time period. They are viewing the philosophies and culture of that generation.

I remember having a conversation with a friend about culture as I was arguing about the importance of culture and how it shouldn't be tampered with, but in his wisdom he told me that in a 100 or so years time its more than likely that the culture will be lost, that the things that we hold so scared and dear now, in a near future will be forgotten. Past relics from people past.
That's why things like art have been so important throughout history as art acts as a window to a distant past. Art does more than just tell tale's, its recollections from bygone era's, representing specific points in time.
That's why for myself and the residents of Waltham Forest, winning the 2019 London Culture Award is such a big thing. As it give us the chance to perform our art and to showcase our culture, with the hopes that what we produce will go down in the history books and generations later are inspired by our works.

At the helm of Adtread I will be doing my part in showcasing art on our vibrant outdoor displays, so that the half million or so who are predicted to come to our borough will be greeted with art and culture like none seen before. For more news on what will be happening during Waltham Forests cultural showcase please click here

If you too would like to showcase your art with us than please feel free to contact us.

All the best



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