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The Eyes Of The World On The Digital Billboard

The Eyes Of The World On The Digital Billboard

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | David Anglin

If you could have the eyes of the world for just 3 minutes, what would you do with it?

Guess it seems like a strange opening line, even as I'm writing this I'm fighting, trying to put my swirling thoughts into something that is coherent.

I  guess like most things it's best to start from the beginning, recently I stumbled across an advert that in essence took a look at the roles of women in India's society. The advert really took a thought provoking look at a father who stumbles on self realisation as he watches his daughter rushing around feeding and clothing her son. Getting the food and washing ready. While simultaneously taking phone calls as she runs her business. The father through watching her and looking at his son in law sitting around realises he should of done better in teaching values of fairness and so he writes an apology letter to his daughter, if you'd like to watch the video please click here

Now though the advert was used to promote Ariel and in fairness this wasn't realised until the end, what I liked is that as a corporation they were standing for something. Whether its right or wrong is not what I'm getting into. What I like is that they're using there influence and reach to showcase something that's important to them.

This is why at the beginning of this post I asked "If you could have the eye's of the world for just 3 minutes what would you do with it?"

Maybe its me over thinking but I think in a time when cat video's go viral like hot cakes, can we not also have just a touch of meaning. With the laughter? A touch of reality before the fun?

Well if your like me and like to create meaningful and impactful messages that are associated with your business than get in touch. I can't say that the world will watch for 3 minutes but what I can say is that for 10 minutes each and every day. You'll have the opportunity to reach and influence an audience of well over 30,000+ and when the right persons see's your message. The right person will act...


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